Questions? We’ve got answers!

Q: What are your hours of operation? A: We do pickups everyday, 8am – 8pm. But don’t wait to text us! We’ll respond to your quote as soon as we’re in the office (~8am). Q: I don’t have pictures… A: Go ahead and describe your items to us, and we’ll get you the best estimate we can! The team may need to evaluate and price the final while on-site though. Q: Is your service free? A: We are a paid service to haul your unwanted items. We recycle your items and donate everything we can! Q: Do you deal with E-waste? A: Yes, we do! We work with several partners to responsibly recycle and dispose of e-waste. Q: Do you remove items from business or commercial spaces? A: We can clear out items from almost any space that you want! Q: Do you donate everything? (What do you do with the items?) A: Items that are not deemed donation-quality are taken to local disposal facilities. We do our best to divert as much as we can from the landfill in a responsible manner! Q: Can you help me out today? A: Yes! In fact, most of our jobs are scheduled same-day! Q: Can you come right now? A: Let’s make it happen! We do everything we can to get your unwanted items out of your hair ASAP! Q: Do you serve my area? A: At the moment, we serve San Francisco, most of Marin County, Oakland, Richmond, Fremont and San Jose! Q: How many people come to pick up my items? A: For regular jobs, we send either a one or two-person team with a pickup truck (depending on the size and weight of the items). On larger jobs, we’ll send two (or more) teams! Q: Do I have to help lift anything? A: We’ve got it covered! Our teams come prepared to do the job on their own, so you can sit back and relax :). Q: Can we leave a review? A: Yes, please do! We appreciate any and all feedback. We’re still growing and learning: Q: How big are your trucks? A: Our trucks are 400 cubic feet, roughly 9 refrigerators in size! For heavier, bed loads, our trucks can accommodate 5,000lbs, or 300 cubic yards. Q: Can I add just one more item? A: The team can usually accommodate small changes, but might need to adjust the price of the job slightly. If you have multiple items, please let us know ahead of time so we can be sure to send an empty truck! Q: How do I pay? A: Our teams can take cash or credit at the pickup, once they’re all loaded up! Q: Do I need to be there? A: We really try to schedule pickups for when you or someone you know can be present in case we have any questions for you! If you can’t be present, we can take your payment in advance of the job and you can leave the items someplace we can access. Q: Do you move pianos? (Do you take pianos?) A: Yes! We can definitely help you haul your piano! Q: Is there anything else you don’t pick up? A: We aren't able to pickup hazardous material, wet paint, illegal substances, explosives, and items with asbestos. Q: What if I’m not a texter? Can I get a quote and schedule over the phone? A: We initially wanted you to text us for your convenience. It is also easier for us to give you an accurate price quote with a picture of the items. If you find it easier to give us a call, we can definitely discuss your pickup over the phone! Q: What if our building requires proof of insurance? Can you provide this? A: Yes we can certainly provide you with our proof of liability upon request! Q: Can I make arrangements weeks ahead? A: Sure! If you’d like, we can book you a year ahead! ;) Q: Is it possible to arrange a recurring pickup? A: Definitely! Some of our customers have us come by at the same time every week!